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Among the best in Chennai, Serene Interiors deals with paintings, custom flooring, high-end furniture, antiques and collectibles. During a five-year stint with Shiva Floors and clads, having acquired expertise in flooring and building, I realised that interior design is my passion and that’s how our journey started. Offering ingenious options to our clients, we also understand their aesthetic needs and expectations to provide them world-class service.

We at Serene Interiors strive to make your lifestyle more beautiful and trendy.

Our achievements over time describes the exclusivity, service quality, dedication and commitment of our team of like-minded individuals who share our values too. We work with the best designers and experts to represent your visions in our distinctive style.


Our Mission

 Our goal is to provide you designs and goods at a revolutionary price while leading the way to an incredible journey by offering a wide range of well-designed home furnishing.

 With creative design, knowledgeable thinking, and decorous service for your home needs, we gain our customer’s trust. By showing who we are and what we stand for as an interior designing company.

Our endeavours are to build relationships with our clients to make a meaningful difference in their lives.   

We believe in creativity, innovation, and a focused purpose across borders helps us to fulfil customers' needs and satisfaction. Our fanatical attempt to enhance the design and strategise our conventional shift through different design principles, includes world-class finishes in our exclusive designs.


Our core value is to have a sophisticated, reputed, privileged, and exclusive method to deliver maximum satisfaction based on our client’s expectations.

 We are committed to offer the best of all custom-made home decor and never fail to fulfil our pledge by delivering the highest level of excellence and adding value to your life.

Our Vision

One of those quirks that set us Humans apart from other animal species is to be Imaginative and we've been practicing it for centuries. Even when seeking food and shelter was our immediate need, we had an urge to leave an impression on the worlds we inhabited. There is so much more to our view than what looks right.

It is about taking a holistic view of how people use the spaces they occupy and appreciate them. Having a coherent response to a collection of challenges formulate a solution to unify and improve our living-space experience.

Our Process

We are here to understand your expectation and deliver your needs.



We develop and refine the design, capturing the look, feel and details by creating digital representations of your collective output.



We immerse ourselves in your space, attune ourselves to your needs and listen carefully.



At the end of this step, we have established the vision, goals, budget and timeline.



Presentation renderings and 3D models that enable you to visualise the end result.



We oversee every aspect as your space takes shape, from demolition to furniture install.



Our extensive experience in construction and project management enables us to provide a comprehensive post sales service and care.


Peter Devarmagan Managing Director, Alpha Siroco Consultancy

Divyaah and team and Serene have been nothing but welcoming of our ideas and have worked around our presented concepts and references, her team of wood workers and craftsmen are second to none. Glad to have given our apartment to Serene, keep up the good work and highly recommended!

Jaideep S. Singh Direct of Sales – India, D’habitat Hospitality Group

Excellent work, wonderful people, and a delightful experience working with the Serene team. A fitting name for their workmanship and experience. Divya & team turned our heritage home into a place that will endure further generations, very glad that they stuck to the original theme of our home and built upon it – many many thanks.

Vinod Kumar CFO, Nakshathra Developers

The Serene team has delivered constantly through our 4-month long contract. Divya and the team walked us through various concepts while renovating our 4BHK home and completed the re-vamp in 3 months, albeit 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Kudos to the Serene Team!

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